A Polished Concrete Kitchen Floor

October 17th, 2016 | Kitchens

Out of the hundreds of kitchen renovation and home design projects we’ve done, one of the most unique spaces we’ve ever designed was an industrial-style kitchen in a Somerville, Mass. home. The space was to feel open and airy, contemporary, welcoming and slightly commercial all at once. Creating a kitchen that lived up to the client’s vision was an exciting exercise in balance … for ever industrial element, we tried to add a home-y one.

Perhaps the largest industrial-style feature in the space was the polished concrete kitchen floor. It instantly gave the room an unmistakable style direction that informed nearly all of the other choices we made for the space. In the end, we felt it truly “made” the room.


Like we mentioned, balance was key in creating a room that felt industrial but not cold. This balance is instantly apparent by looking up: the ceiling is entirely lined with organic-feeling wood planking which warms up the entire area. Had the ceiling just been left white or finished in sheetrock the look would have been too stark.


We also kept the concrete to just the utilitarian kitchen space, and opted for wooden floors and oriental-style rug in the adjacent dining area. This not only balances the concrete flooring, but makes it stand out as a style feature.


Besides being a aesthetic feature of the space, it’s also a functional one. Concrete flooring is easy to maintain and virtually stain-proof. While it’s hard surface might be off-putting for families with young children, it’s a great option for older families or households who love to entertain since it’s nearly indestructible.


What do you think about this concrete kitchen floor? Would you choose it for your home?

To see more photos of this space, visit our Houzz profile.

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