A Contemporary Spa Bathroom Design in Somerville, Mass.

October 18th, 2016 | Bathrooms

“Spa-like” is one of the most common requests we get from our bathroom remodeling clients these days. Nearly everyone seems to want an open, airy-feeling bathroom that’s as much of a retreat as it is a functional space. What most of our clients are also surprised to find out, though, is how many design options there are for creating such a space. A bathroom doesn’t need to be all white with an oversized soaking tub to feel spa-like. It simply needs to feel bright, serene, and soothing.

Take this contemporary spa bathroom design we completed in Somerville, Mass. It’s not the first thing you’d picture when you think of a spa, right? There’s no tub and there is some color here and there. Yet it still fits the image of a spa-like space and feels like a place you’d want to unwind.


We created this feeling a few ways.

The first was choosing a color scheme that felt bright and cheerful. The space only has one window, so reflecting as much natural light as possible was crucial. Using the same white tile on both floor and ceiling bounces light around and makes the room feel brighter than it really is. A yellow shower curtain feels joyful and happy and energizes the space. Finally, opaque glass doors create privacy while still letting light in.

contemporary spa bathroom design

One of the other essential elements of any spa-like room is the incorporation of nature, which is immediately calming and centering. Sometimes that’s a bamboo bath mat, or the scent of eucalyptus, or a view of a tree or yard. In this case, a wood-paneled ceiling does the trick. It adds a soothing natural element and also evokes a sauna.

As for the spa-trend in general, we’re huge fans! Who wouldn’t want a spa in their home?

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