A Contemporary Bathroom Design in Concord, Massachusetts

November 1st, 2016 | Kitchens

This next project we’re sharing is one of our favorite types: a contemporary, sleek space in a home that looks traditional from the outside. It’s a common occurrence in New England, where architecture tends to be historic (even in new construction), but savvy, stylish homeowners want a more modern look and feel for the inside of their space.

Here’s a peek at the exterior of the home: a beautiful colonial that, while a fairly recent build, had traditional leanings. traditional home concord ma

We ended up redoing the master bathroom, a smaller bathroom, and a living area where we installed custom media storage. We’ll walk through the master bath here, and recount the other two areas in upcoming posts.contemporary-bathroom-design-16

The homeowners overall goal was to create a large, open space that felt zenlike and peaceful, without being sterile.


They were also looking for lots of built-in storage space to make the room functional.


To achieve their goals, we kept the design clean. Handle-less cabinetry and a frameless mirror give the vanity a decidedly minimalist feel.


Open space was intentionally designed throughout the bathroom to give it an airy feel.


The shower was also frameless, and oversized tile on both the walls and floor add to the simple, uncluttered vibe of the room.


The sleek square fixtures were chosen for the sculptural, unexpected look.


The water closet was separated from the rest of the space, and a large window was installed to maximize the light, airy feeling.


A large built-in closet system provides plenty of space to store towels and linens.


While deep drawers allow toiletries to stand upright.


Finally, a single panel cabinet hides rows of practical pullout drawers which are perfect for storing medicines, cleaning supplies, makeup, and more.

Stay tuned for our next posts where we reveal the home’s second bathroom and family room storage! Or, check out more photos of this contemporary bathroom design on our Houzz profile.


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