5 Musts for Accessible Bathroom Design

April 26th, 2016 | Bathrooms

The idea of “aging in place” is a new architectural concept that focuses on building and designing homes that people can live in as they grow older and are less mobile. More and more adults are planning ahead and taking this concept into account, making sure that their home is accessible, safe, and stylish throughout the years.

To go along with this concept, one of the most important places you can start this idea is in a functional space like your bathroom. Here are five musts for accessible bathroom design that you’ll want to consider executing in your home if you’re planning on aging in place.

accessible bathroom design

Bathroom Benches
Benches are a glorious addition to any bathroom. Whether installed in your shower area for extra function and comfort or outside your shower for towel storage and extra seating in the bathroom, there are endless benefits to adding a bathroom bench. For your shower you can choose between three options: built-in, floating, or fold-down. The choice boils down to design preference, but whichever you choose make sure to consult a contractor for material and support guidance.

Curbless Showers
This open concept design eliminates the frame around the shower and makes transitioning in and out of your shower that much easier. Curbless showers are a must-have for an accessible bathroom since they can be used by those in a wheelchair. This stylish concept can be designed in many ways, but be sure to consult a contractor that can help construct proper draining and floor design so you prevent accidental flooding.

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ADA Cabinetry. 
ADA vanities and cabinetry are designed to be open underneath, allowing those confined to a wheelchair to be able to get close enough to the sink and faucet for easy access.

Grab Bars
Grab bars are an extremely useful and highly functional design element for an accessible bathroom. Not only will they provide extra support when you enter and exit the shower, but they can also function as convenient towel racks or even as a place to put your robe.

Handheld Showerheads
Handheld shower heads can be useful at any age: they’re ideal for helping to bathe younger children in a bathtub or shower, but they’ll also give you free range of motion if you need to bathe from a seated position. They can be installed alone or in combination with a fixed showerhead to give the user dual options.


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