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6 Transitional Kitchen Ideas for your Remodel

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, transitional style is the most popular choice for homeowners who are remodeling their…

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The Top Kitchen Trends of 2017

Each year, the National Kitchen and Bath Association releases their research on the year’s biggest kitchen trends. The study is…

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5 Products for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design

A kitchen uses a lot of your home’s energy, from the electricity required to power appliances and illuminate prep spaces to the…

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10 Bold Bathroom Tile Options from Ann Sacks

Bathroom tile in the single best way to turn a functional space into a style statement. Whether you’re outfitting a…

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Tour Our New Modern Furniture Showroom in Boston!

Late last year, we expanded our business and opened Divine Design Center in Battery Wharf, which is now the largest…

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Mudroom Design Ideas for Spring

Spring means rain and rain means mud, so there’s no time like the present to re-imagine your mudroom.   A…

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The Best Kitchen Investments for Resale

There are two approaches to remodeling your kitchen. Doing so to create your own personal dream space in the home…

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The Biggest European Kitchen Trends Right Now

The way Europeans approach kitchen design is different than most Americans do. For one, you won’t find quite as many…

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A Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen cabinet hardware is one small detail of a kitchen renovation, but it’s also one that’s incredibly important. The hardware…

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White and Gray Kitchen Design Inspiration

Each year, there are certain finishes, materials, silhouettes and color schemes that seem to comprise the majority of our work….

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