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Kitchen Remodeling: How to Know When It’s Time

Kitchens are built to last a long time, but no kitchen will last forever. Which means every decade or two,…

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How to Hide Your Refrigerator

So you’re planning a kitchen design and everything is looking sleek, cohesive, and stylish. Except for the one behemoth of…

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A Quick Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

Whether you’re taking a DIY approach to your kitchen remodel or you’ve hired a kitchen designer to take the reigns, there…

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Do You Need a Range Hood?

A range hood is always a nice thing to have in the kitchen. It circulates air, dissipates odors, and thins…

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What is the Best Tile for the Bathroom?

Choosing tile for a “wet space” like a bathroom is different than choosing it for a spot where its purpose…

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Combining Metal Finishes in the Bathroom

Mixed metallics have been a big decor trend over the last couple of years. Still, many people are still under…

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What Brands Make Modern Kitchen Appliances?

When you’re designing a modern kitchen, not just any old appliances will do. To maintain a sleek, contemporary feel, you’ll…

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Stylish Wine Storage Without a Wine Cellar

If you’re a wine-lover, you’ve probably dreamed of a dedicated wine cellar. A space lined with custom-wooden shelving and outfitted with a…

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New England Architecture in Salem, Mass.

Come fall in New England, one of the most frequented places in the region is Salem, Massachusetts. The draw is,…

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How to Research a Potential Kitchen Designer

So you think you’ve found the one. The kitchen designer who gets your aesthetic and promises to make your dreams…

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