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Vendor Spotlight: Icestone Countertops

One of the things that makes Divine Design & Build different is the unique, exemplary manufacturers and brands we work with….

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Boston Interior Design Community

Mark Your Calendars: The Boston Design Center Sample Sale

For the most part, the interior design showrooms at the Boston Design Center are to the trade only. What that…

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A Modern Kitchen Design In Boston’s South End

Boston’s South End neighborhood is known for its brick-lined streets and rows of charming brownstones. And while many of these spaces look classic…

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Bathrooms, Home Additions

8 Things You Can Do With a Master Bathroom Addition

Building a master bathroom addition gives you the chance to explore all of the luxuries that your dream bathroom would…

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5 Steps to a Successful Kitchen Home Addition

Kitchen additions are one of the more popular home improvement projects. Whether it’s due to a lack of space or…

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A Modern, High-Tech Kitchen in Newton, Mass.

The Boston area may be known for its classic architecture, but it’s also home to plenty of design savvy, modern homeowners who…

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Fun Areas, Home Additions

Home Additions: Ideas for Your Finished Attic

When it comes to home additions, making the most of space your already have is a practical, economical way to…

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Where to Find Inspiration for a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is no small feat. As Interior Designer Andrew Suvalsky says, “The kitchen is truly the focus of…

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5 Home Decorating Ideas for Spring

Spring might be synonymous with cleaning, but it’s also the perfect time to freshen up your home decor-wise. A quick…

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Remodeling Ideas

6 Built-In Storage Ideas for Your Closet

When it comes to your closet, the more you can maximize your space with built in storage, the better off…

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