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How To Choose The Perfect Backsplash

A backsplash is one important ingredient in your kitchen, and just like a savory recipe, all the ingredients in your…

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A Guide To Flooring In Your Kitchen

Flooring is like the veins that run through your home & are an intricate part on the flow and functionality…

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The Amazing Idea Of A Fireplace In The Kitchen

A hot trend we love seeing in new kitchen design & remodeling is the installation of a fireplace in the homeowner’s kitchen….

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When A Kitchen Island Doesn’t Work

In the remodeling world, kitchen islands are at the top of everyone’s must have list. But when an island is…

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A Short Guide To Cooktops And Ranges

More households are looking for top notch appliances to deliver a beautiful home cooked meal & look good doing it….

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How To Make Your Home’s Staircase Amazing

Staircases are an integral piece of your home & we’re here to show you how to take a functional aspect…

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Divine Welcomes Menck High-Efficiency Windows At U.S. Facility Opening

German-bred Window Design Comes to New England Last week Mariette and Magued attended the grand opening of the Menck Windows…

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Items That Make For A Good First Floor Remodel

The first floor of your home holds a lot of firsts; your first step into the door, the first light you…

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Sometimes Rearranging And Flipping Spaces Gives Your Home A Better Flow

If you’re looking for a fresh start in your home, rearranging and rethinking how you use your current space might…

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Why It’s Good To Open Up Spaces In Your Home

Opening up the space in your home could be as simple as changing the paint & decor in your room,…

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