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A Short Guide To Outlets In Your Kitchen

If you are planning for a kitchen remodel, big trends tend to take the drivers seat for design and planning….

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Modern Coffee Stations For Modern Kitchens

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of a home-brewed cup of coffee; whether you lean towards a bold brewed…

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Fun Areas

New Trends In Bars, Wine Racks And Hutches

The newest trend in kitchen & basement design is here, and it may make your very own home the hottest wine…

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How To Choose The Right Refrigeration For Your New Kitchen

The top priority in designing a kitchen should be setting up the space for efficient cooking & living. The wheres…

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How To Vent Your Kitchen For Performance And Protection

The range hood in many kitchens is the anchor that holds the whole style of the kitchen together & becomes the…

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Home Design

Modern City Living And The Design Of Your Home

Location, location, location–it’s the three words you are bound to hear when searching for the perfect spot to call your home &…

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Coffee Stations

Grabbing a coffee has become a huge habit for many of us. We stop on our way to work, before…

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Mudrooms Are For All Seasons

Hello Spring, and with all the melting snow, hello mud! Mudrooms are a space to hang up our coats, stow…

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Home Design, Kitchens

Seating Options for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and where we gather to prepare meals and enjoy them. Sometimes we…

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Home Design

Why Open Floor Plans Are So Appealing

The open floor plan isn’t a new concept, but it’s one we love building and conceptualizing in new and newly…

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